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What is serendology?

I have always liked the idea of serendipity. Those happy “coincidences” that occur unexpectedly and bring good fortune our way feel so amazing that I originally used it in the name of this blog.

The problem for me was that serendipity is the result of luck or chance and I do not believe in either. I believe that we create all of our life experiences through our thoughts and beliefs. Whether we do it intentionally or unintentionally it doesn’t matter, we are still doing it. So why not do it intentionally and create the lives that we want?

That is the essence of this blog. It’s about having a bigger vision for our lives and knowing we have the ability to make it happen. It’s about awakening our spirit so we can tap into the unlimited potential that resides there. It’s about taking responsibility for everything that happens to us. No, serendipity won’t work here. 

What means aligning ourselves with the infinite power of the Universe to create everyday miracles?


heart shapes